Comparing Latest Kobo eReaders

The International Business Times has published an informative article by Marisa Krystian comparing the latest eReaders from Kobo: Glo ($129.99), Aura ($149.99), and Aura HD ($169.99).

Each device allows you to read in the dark via its built-in ComfortLight technology. These devices are black-and-white eReaders, not tablets, so do not plan on any video streaming.

Since these eReaders do not have any buttons, you must press exactly in the center of the screen to return to the home screen. If you are slightly off-center, or have fat fingers, you may unintentionally turn the page.

Although she states that the Aura HD is the closest that you can get to viewing an actual printed book, due to the increased resolution, she prefers the plain Aura.

Kobo Aura eBook Reader

These articles on and BBC news review the new Kobo Aura eBook reader. Both articles seem to be impressed with this reader.

As Jamie Lendino on points out, if you already have either Barnes & Noble’s Nook or Amazon’s Kindle, and have a sizable library, it is very difficult to switch to the another brand of reader, especially Kobo.


Because eBooks cannot simply be transferred from one brand to another due to format issues (Nook/Kobo epub versus Kindle mobi) or digital rights management that prevent the digital book from being copied.

Now if some company can come up with a way to seamlessly move eBooks from one reader to another ……