Barnes & Noble: What Now?

Liberty Media owned 17 percent of Barnes & Noble (B&N). It recently sold 90 percent of its holdings, representing 15 percent of the outstanding B&N stock. This sale caused B&N’s stock value to decline 13 percent.

Will Liberty’s action free B&N for more opportunities or is it the death knell for B&N?

Read this CNBC blog post by John Jannarone for more information.

Will the Nook Survive? Will Barnes & Noble Survive?

This article by Thad McIlroy presents the argument that making a financial guy without retail experience the CEO of Barnes and Noble is tantamount to placing a For Sale sign on all or part of the the company!

Another article, this one by Peter Smith at ITWorld, gives the grim facts that sales of Nook devices and Nook accessories is down drastically from the prior year. B&N blames the downturn on the fact that there were no new Nook devices for the holiday buying season; ignoring the fact that B&N decided not to release any devices. Mr. Smith wonders how long the Nook can survive.

Taken together these articles suggest that current Nook owners should be adding Kindle devices to their wish list for Christmas 2014.

Espresso Book Machine

According to this article on Digital Book World, book retailer Books-A-Million is installing an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) in its store in Portland, Maine.

This machine will allow customers to print a book from participating publishers “within minutes” if the desired book is not in the store.

While the idea is exciting, a concern would be that the machines become so common that there would be no need for any book retailers!


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