Are small eBook sellers fighting a losing battle?

Jeremy Greenfield at Digital Book World has analyzed the data from a November survey and states that 86% of eBook buyers “buy ebooks from only one retailer, most likely Kindle, iBooks and Nook…”. Not surprisingly, owners of Kindles tend to buy eBooks from Amazon while Nook owners tend to buy from Barnes & Noble.

What does this mean for the small and/or independent sellers?

As Mr. Greenfield stated “The smaller ebook retailers have an uphill battle to fight when it comes to not only attracting new readers but keeping old ones.”

Part of the problem is that Amazon and Barnes & Noble make it extremely easy to purchase eBooks and have them delivered to the reader. Purchasing an eBook from a different retailer requires the purchaser to take an extra few steps to move the book to the device. While not difficult, it is still less convenient.

Perhaps the small and/or independent sellers should concentrate on the mobile app marketplace and skip eReaders altogether?

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eBook Subscription Services

Peter Smith on IT World has written an article on three new subscription services for eBooks.

Scribd and Oyster charge a $9 or $10 per month for unlimited access to the books in their respective libraries. Unlimited access means that you can read as many books as you want. The caveat with these services is that you are not actually purchasing the books. If you cancel your subscription – the books are gone.

eReatah charges from $15 – $30 per month depending on the number of books that you wish to purchase: 2, 3, or 4. The key word is purchase – if you cancel your subscription – you still have your previously purchased eBooks.

Deciding factors when deciding between these services:

  • The device used to read books. All services do not support all devices.
  • How many books do you read per month?
  • How many books do you buy per month?
  • Do you only read books once, or do you like to read your favorites multiple times.
  • Which publishers are included with the respective service? Although each service may have thousands of books, they may not all have the same books.

Mr. Smith’s full article is located here.




Kindle Matchbook

Amazon has announced a new service called Kindle Matchbook.

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