Kobo Mini and Glo

When most people talk about eReaders they are usually referring to either a Kindle by Amazon or a Nook from Barnes & Noble. A third brand of eReaders is the Kobo. Although not manufactured by it, this is the eReader that was sold by Borders.

Each brand has its pros and cons: eReader price, cost of eBooks, delivery method, physical storage, display, functionality, digital rights management, etc.

You should consider all of the factors, not just cost, when purchasing an eReader for yourself or as a gift for the upcoming holiday season.

Julie Strietelmeier has written this excellent review comparing the Kobo Mini and Kobo Glo eReaders.


Kindle Matchbook

Amazon has announced a new service called Kindle Matchbook.

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Kobo Aura eBook Reader

These articles on pcmag.com and BBC news review the new Kobo Aura eBook reader. Both articles seem to be impressed with this reader.

As Jamie Lendino on pcmag.com points out, if you already have either Barnes & Noble’s Nook or Amazon’s Kindle, and have a sizable library, it is very difficult to switch to the another brand of reader, especially Kobo.


Because eBooks cannot simply be transferred from one brand to another due to format issues (Nook/Kobo epub versus Kindle mobi) or digital rights management that prevent the digital book from being copied.

Now if some company can come up with a way to seamlessly move eBooks from one reader to another ……

Cloud Reader Review

This You Tube video briefly compares the ‘cloud’ eBook readers from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and OverDrive Media. [Most public libraries that lend eBooks use OverDrive as the lending ‘agent’.]

Basically, a cloud reader is browser based. You surf to the specific site’s URL, login, and then read your purchased eBooks. This is a benefit for people whose mobile devices do not have an app for any of the respective eBook sellers.

The question is, can you use these cloud readers without owning an actual reader? If you can, will the proliferation of smart phones and tablets spell doom for the eReader?

Espresso Book Machine

According to this article on Digital Book World, book retailer Books-A-Million is installing an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) in its store in Portland, Maine.

This machine will allow customers to print a book from participating publishers “within minutes” if the desired book is not in the store.

While the idea is exciting, a concern would be that the machines become so common that there would be no need for any book retailers!


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